She’s lost her future. He’s sacrificed his. Now they have a chance to reclaim it—together.

Wisconsin, 1930—While fleeing for her life, Adaleigh Sirland’s rescue of a child introduces her to a family who provides her safe harbor. But all is not what it seems in the little fishing town. Danger lurks. And, though hiding under an assumed name, Adaleigh offers her ability to draw out confessions, making her a valuable asset to the police.

First mate David Martins is intrigued by the mysterious woman taken in by his grandmother, but knows she wrestles with a troubled past. When his estranged father is arrested for murder, David enlists Adaleigh’s help in proving his innocence. In return, he’s determined to help her find hope once again.

As the truth becomes more knotted, and Adaleigh’s real identity risks revelation, David must put aside his own struggles to discern which secret threatens Adaleigh before it kills them both.

Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

Book One: Confessions to a Stranger
Book Two: Refuge for the Archaeologist
Book Three: Escape with the Prodigal
Book Four: Relying on the Enemy
Book Five: Sheltered by the Doctor
Book Six: Investigation of a Journalist

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