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This website is known as Danielle’s Writing Spot ( or Danielle Grandinetti ( and will be referred to as “our,” “we,” or “this Site.” We respect your privacy and any information we may advertently or inadvertently gather during your visit. This policy is effective only for this online Site. By continuing to use this Site, you are agreeing to this policy.


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As aforementioned, this Site is hosted by WordPress and is subject to their privacy policy and cookies. This Site uses the WordPress ad program as well as Google Analytics, which gathers information as stated in the WordPress privacy policy. You may also visit Google’s privacy policy.

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This Site will often host or participate in giveaway opportunities. No purchase necessary to participate in any of our giveaways. By participating in a giveaway, you agree to the rules and must meet the requirements of a giveaway in order to be eligible, nor will you hold this Site liable for any damage incurred by participating.

Any information given during a giveaway is provided freely and this Site will not be held responsible for the use of personal information provided during a giveaway. Especially when giveaway is not hosted on this Site.

Giveaways are open to those 18 years or older, open to U. S. addresses (unless otherwise stated), and void where prohibited by law. Each giveaway will have its own particular entry conditions, including, but not limited to length of giveaway, eligibility requirements, and odds of winning. All decisions are final.

Participating in or hosting a giveaway in no way reflects endorsement of nor agreement with the views or opinions expressed by the items being given away nor their creators. Any action to follow, like, comment, etc. as part of a giveaway is by your choice and this Site is not responsible for any comments or content on another site or social media account.

Winners will be given forty-eight hours to claim their prize or will subsequently forfeit it. No substitutions or transfers of prize. Notification will be by email. This Site, nor its giveaway partners, are not responsible for failure to receive the email, including, but not limited to, said email going to a spam folder. Nor for failure for prize to arrive at its destination once the prize has been delivered to a mail delivery service (whether physical or electronic).

Policy Changes

Changes may occur to this Site’s privacy policy at any time and without prior warning. This Site will do our best to make notification of any major changes.

In the unlikely event of the ending of this Site, any private information may be shared if legally required. Such information may also be transferred to a new site if such new site is operated by this Site’s owner or beneficiaries. Information will never knowingly be sold.

This Policy was last updated on April 29, 2021.