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Historical fiction writer, avid reader, and work from home wife and mom who loves the creative beauty of nature.

Do you love stories? I do. I especially love stories of romance and suspense. Two people defying the odds and getting their happily ever after. Thing is, I also love history. A lot. Always have. It’s fascinating, especially once you get past all those stuffy old dates. It’s populated with people of all sorts who faced insurmountable challenges and changed the world. It’s also made up of regular people like you and me who gravitate toward stories of adventure and peril. Historical fiction makes people like these come alive and takes us to times and places about which we can only dream.

I fell in love with stories from the very beginning. Now, not only do I read books, I get to tell you about them, too. Have you visited my blog? It’s known as Danielle’s Writing Spot and is where I post my reviews, spotlights, and other bookish news. I’ve been reviewing books since 2016 and gravitate toward the Christian/Inspirational market where the romance is clean and sweet and the suspense is free of gore. I’ve even had the privilege of being a part of the launch teams for the books released by some of my favorite authors, such as Jaime Jo Wright, Natalie Walters, Tessa Afshar, Roseanna M. White, Ronie Kendig, Susan Sleeman, and Elisabeth Goddard. I’m also a part of Bethany House Publisher’s Influencer team, Revell Reads, and JustRead Publicity Tours and a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and Faith, Hope, & Love Christian Writers. You’ll find most of my extra bookish highlights on my social media pages. Head over to my contact page for all those links.

Of course, reading isn’t my day job, as much as I would love it to be. Since 2008, I’ve worked as a writing coach for middle and high school students. It is such a joy to help young writers find their love of words. And I love the opportunity to work from home (or anywhere!) My educational background includes an M.A. in Communication and Culture from Trinity International University, a B.A. in Communication from Louisiana Baptist University, and an A.A. in Biblical Studies from New Tribes Bible Institute, as well the Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman Level certifications from the Christian Writers Guild. I’ve also taught college courses on intercultural communication and group dynamics at Trinity International University.

Reading hasn’t been the only way I’ve experienced adventure. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of doing short-term missions work in various countries, like Bolivia, Italy, England, and Uganda, as well as volunteer work with middle schoolers, which had me experiencing activities way out side my comfort zone. Like whitewater rafting down the Wolf River in Wisconsin. Or going on a zip line. Yes, I like my feet firmly planted on terra firma, no matter the continent.

The best adventure of all brought me, a Chicagoland native, to eastern Wisconsin where I live on the shores of Lake Michigan with my husband, two boys, and Labrador puppy. Minutes from fields of corn and farms of dairy cows, rolling hills and so many trees. It’s one of the most picturesque places I’ve lived.

So. If you’re ready for an adventure, grab yourself a cup of tea (or hot chocolate, since I leave the coffee for others), and join me as we talk story, nature, and life. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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