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Top Ten Tuesday | Favorite Books of 2020

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s theme is the top ten books of 2020. Of the over 100 books I read, it was a challenge to narrow it down to just 10 (plus a bonus novella collection), but here it goes… the award for… Continue Reading “Top Ten Tuesday | Favorite Books of 2020”

Book Review | Don’t Keep Silent

Don’t Keep Silent is the third and final book in Elizabeth Goddard‘s Uncommon Justice series. We finally get to hear Liam’s story and what a story it is! The former undercover DEA agent has returned home to recuperate after having his cover blown and… Continue Reading “Book Review | Don’t Keep Silent”

Book Review | Always Look Twice

Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard is book two in her Uncommon Justice series. Book one, Never Let Go, introduced us to Heath McKade. Always Look Twice is his story.

Reading Wednesday | Never Let Go

Never Let Go, by Elizabeth Goddard, is the first book in her Uncommon Justice series. I’ve read Elizabeth Goddard’s books before, but not her full length novels. I was impressed that Never Let Go managed to have the same pacing and feel of her… Continue Reading “Reading Wednesday | Never Let Go”