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Book Review | Deadly Evidence

Deadly Evidence is the first book in Elizabeth Goddard‘s Mount Shasta Secrets series. I ended up reading the second book, Covert Cover-Up, first, so I technically read them out of order, but it didn’t matter in this case. Deadly Evidence was still just as… Continue Reading “Book Review | Deadly Evidence”

Book Review | Courting Calamity

Courting Calamity is a collection of four historical novellas about four women who ran into a whole lot of trouble. Amanda Barratt, Gabrielle Meyer, Jennifer Uhlarik, and Kathleen Y’Barbo take us back in time to vary different scenarios, but in each, the female was… Continue Reading “Book Review | Courting Calamity”

Book Review | A Soldier’s Lady

A Soldier’s Lady is a collection of four historical novellas about four different women who found true love with a solider.

Book Review | A Portrait of Loyalty

Reading A Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna M. White felt like the ending of an era. It’s the third book in The Codebreakers series, but the series built off of the previous series, Shadows of England, and even touched on a character or two… Continue Reading “Book Review | A Portrait of Loyalty”

Book Review | Raising Honor

I’ve looked forward to reading Raising Honor by Jill Lynn since being introduced to Charlie Brightwood in Her Hidden Hope. In Raising Honor, Charlie, a straightforward, single, car mechanic, has decided to become a foster mom. Her first placement is a little girl named… Continue Reading “Book Review | Raising Honor”

Book Review | The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright is a split-time novel centered around the wintering grounds of the Bonaventure Circus. It follows Pippa Ripley, adopted daughter of the original owner of the Bonaventure Circus, as she seeks find the mysterious “Watchman” in… Continue Reading “Book Review | The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus”

Book Review | Covert Cover-Up

Covert Cover-Up is book two in Elizabeth Goddard‘s Love Inspired Suspense miniseries Mount Shasta Secrets. Ex-cop-turned-private-investigator, Katelyn Bradley, only wants to check on her neighbor. It seems his house is being burglarized and the perpetrator could still be inside. But that one good deed… Continue Reading “Book Review | Covert Cover-Up”

Book Review | Different Like Me

With it being a holiday weekend and one usually spent with family while enjoying the last days of summer, reviewing a children’s picture book seemed like the perfect book review post for today. Different Like Me is written by Xochitl Dixon and illustrated by… Continue Reading “Book Review | Different Like Me”

Book Review | A Love Redeemed

A Love Redeemed is a short, sweet romance by Lisa Jordan. Isabella Bradley returns home to Shelby Lake, defeated and struggling to find her place in life. When she discovers her father collapsed on the kitchen floor of his diner, her life starts down… Continue Reading “Book Review | A Love Redeemed”