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Top Ten Tuesday | Colorful Covers

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!Today’s topic: Colorful Covers

Book Review | Faith’s Mountain Home

Faith’s Mountain Home by Misty M. Beller is the third book in her Hearts of Montana series. In the previous book, Love’s Mountain Quest, we meet both Laura Hannon and Nate Long when Laura is kidnapped along with a little boy, which means Faith’s… Continue Reading “Book Review | Faith’s Mountain Home”

Top Ten Tuesday | Books on my Winter To-Be-Read List

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s theme is top ten books on my to-be-read list. Some of my favorite authors have books coming out in early in 2021, so I can’t wait!

Book Review | Love’s Mountain Quest

Love’s Mountain Quest is the second book in Misty M. Beller’s Hearts of Montana series. We met both Isaac Bowen and Joanna Watson, and her little boy Samuel, in the previous book Hope’s Highest Mountain. This is their story.

Reading Wednesday | Hope’s Highest Mountain

I love historical fiction and a story set in late 1800s Montana is for sure going to be among my favorites. Hope’s Highest Mountain, by Misty M. Beller, follows the journey of Ingrid Chastain and Micah Bradley as they attempt to deliver vials of the smallpox… Continue Reading “Reading Wednesday | Hope’s Highest Mountain”