Book Review | Dead End

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Dead End is the third and final book in Nancy Mehl‘s Kaely Quinn Profiler series. Over the past two books, we’ve watched Kaely go toe-to-toe with various serial killers. But in Dead End she’s forced to face the most personal one of all: her father.

Book Review | Fire Storm

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Fire Storm is the second book in Nancy Mehl’s Kaely Quinn Profiler series. Kaely has returned home to help her brother care for her mom, but unable to turn away from a community in need, she takes on a serial arsonist. Unofficially.

Reading Wednesday | Mind Games

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Mind Games, by Nancy Mehl, is the first book in the new Kaely Quinn Profiler series. A romantic suspense that borders more on psychological thriller, it follows FBI Behavioral Analyst Kaely Quinn on her quest to catch a killer before he catches her.