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Book Review | Dead End

Dead End is the third and final book in Nancy Mehl‘s Kaely Quinn Profiler series. Over the past two books, we’ve watched Kaely go toe-to-toe with various serial killers. But in Dead End she’s forced to face the most personal one of all: her… Continue Reading “Book Review | Dead End”

Book Review | Fire Storm

Fire Storm is the second book in Nancy Mehl’s Kaely Quinn Profiler series. Kaely has returned home to help her brother care for her mom, but unable to turn away from a community in need, she takes on a serial arsonist. Unofficially.

Book Review | A Gilded Lady

A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden is book two in her Hope and Glory series. We met Caroline Delacroix in the first book, The Spice King, when her brother came under suspicion of being a traitor. Now, with another brother in a Cuban prison,… Continue Reading “Book Review | A Gilded Lady”

Book Review | A Single Spark

The time is during the Civil War and the place is the Washington Arsenal in Washington, D.C. In A Single Spark by Judith Miller, Clara McBride is helping provide for her and her mother while also helping the North’s war effort. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Joseph… Continue Reading “Book Review | A Single Spark”

Book Review | Cold Fear

Cold Fear is book five in Susan Sleeman‘s Cold Harbor series, featuring the security operators of Blackwell Tactical. In this installment, we follow sniper Riley Glen as he coordinates a protection detail for popular singer Leah Kent. Who is also his ex-fiance.

Book Review | Stay with Me

Stay with Me, the first book in Becky Wade‘s Misty River Romance series, is a sweet romance that wrestles the topics of trauma, addiction, and secrets. Sam Turner, who readers meet in Take a Chance on Me, prefers his solitude, but when he discovers… Continue Reading “Book Review | Stay with Me”

Book Review | Whispers from the Shadows

History plus spies usually equals a book I love. Whispers from the Shadows, the second book in the Culper Ring series by Roseanna M. White exceeded all my expectations! Emotional, touching, intriguing, page-turning, this book has it all.

Book Review | Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me is the prequel novella for Becky Wade‘s new Misty River Romance series. Penelope Quinn is Misty River’s resident pie extraordinaire and doting, if inexperienced, aunt to baby Madeline. Eli Price is an Air Force pilot who fell for Penelope… Continue Reading “Book Review | Take a Chance on Me”

Book Review | Dead Even

Dead Even is the sixth and final book in Susan Sleeman’s Truth Seeker series. Maya Glass is the founder and managing partner of the Veritas Center, a place that helps find the truth when it’s hardest to see. She’s watched each of her partners… Continue Reading “Book Review | Dead Even”

Book Review | Always Look Twice

Always Look Twice by Elizabeth Goddard is book two in her Uncommon Justice series. Book one, Never Let Go, introduced us to Heath McKade. Always Look Twice is his story.