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Book Review | To Steal a Heart

To Steal a Heart by Jen Turano is the first book in her new Bleaker Street Inquiry Agency series. Gabriella Goodhue’s childhood was spent as a street thief until her arrest sent her to an orphanage. Determined to put that past behind her, she… Continue Reading “Book Review | To Steal a Heart”

Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Hope Santa Brings

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s theme is the top ten books I hope Santa brings me for Christmas. Some I’ve read many times, but don’t yet own. Others I’m eager to read for the first time. All are back list books of favorite… Continue Reading “Top Ten Tuesday | Books I Hope Santa Brings”

Book Review | Storing Up Trouble

I have heard Jen Turano puts a healthy dose of humor in her books, but that knowledge didn’t prepare me for how lightheartedly entertaining reading Storing up Trouble would be! From quirky characters to tongue-in-cheek dialogue, Storing up Trouble had every type of humor… Continue Reading “Book Review | Storing Up Trouble”

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