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Book Review | Dead Center

Dead Center is the fifth book in Susan Sleeman‘s Truth Seekers series. In this story, we witness the drama when Veritas Center co-workers Grady Houston, weapons expert, and Ainslie Duncan, forensic photographer, are forced to work together to clear Ainslie’s brother of a murder… Continue Reading “Book Review | Dead Center”

Book Review | Before I Called you Mine

Has a book ever made you cry? It’s a rare book that touches deep enough to bring out that emotion in me, make me forget to study the writer’s technique, endear the characters so strongly. Nicole Deese does all of that in her latest… Continue Reading “Book Review | Before I Called you Mine”

Book Review | The Traitor’s Pawn

How often can you say you’ve been to the setting of a novel? I’ve visited Corpus Christi, Texas, so it was fun to have that image in my mind’s eye while reading Lisa Harris’ latest novel The Traitor’s Pawn.

Book Review | Kings Falling

All I can say after finishing Kings Falling by Ronie Kendig is: Ahhhh! That ending!

Book Review | Silent Shadows

One of the words that has been resonating with me during these challenging days is hope. Amazingly, that is a theme throughout Natalie Walters‘ most recent novel Silent Shadows. In the story, Pecca Gallegos and Colton Crawford are held captive by their pasts, but… Continue Reading “Book Review | Silent Shadows”

Book Review | The Brightest of Dreams

The Brightest of Dreams by Susan Anne Mason is the third book in her Canadian Crossings series. I haven’t read the first two, but the back copy of The Brightest of Dreams captured my interest, so I did something usual: I read Book Three… Continue Reading “Book Review | The Brightest of Dreams”

Book Review | The Runaway Bride

Have you ever stayed up late to finish a book? As a mom of young children, I can’t do that as much any more. However, my newborn happened to have a fussy night just as I was starting The Runaway Bride by Jody Hedlund.… Continue Reading “Book Review | The Runaway Bride”