Story Types: Novellas

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Last week, we began a discussion on story lengths. This came from a question I have been asked of late: what types of story are there?

This is a more complex answer than it may appear.On the surface, we have two types of stories: the novel and the short story. Last week, we began with short story lengths. Today, we will explore story lengths that land between novel and short story. Next week, we will talk about the novel. That will lead into a discussion about National Novel Writing Month.

Choices Amid the Trees

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Ali Montgomery is on vacation in Tennessee. She loves the woodsy setting of her aunt and uncle’s home, but isn’t allowed to explore outside alone. So when Colton – the boy living with her aunt and uncle – sneaks out of the house and invites Ali to tag along, Ali must make the choice whether to stay with her annoying little cousins or take advantage of the opportunity to explore the trees.

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