Escape with the Prodigal


A holiday romance filled with danger, redemption, and sacrifice.

Harbored in Crow’s Nest Book #3

Genre: Inspirational Historical Romance


Only a Christmas miracle will save an unwed mother and the lumberjack protecting her.

Wisconsin, 1930—Since her late fiancé was killed in a supposed logging accident, Meredith Hughes knows her only safe choice is to keep her unexpected pregnancy hidden, especially from her father. But Supervisor Emyr Hughes, demands his daughter remain at the logging camp with him through the winter, leaving Meri at his mercy.

Patrick Martins has no interest in responsibility and going up to the lumber camp is a chance to get away from Crow’s Nest and his hovering grandmother, nosy great-uncle, and drunk of a father. If only his older brother wasn’t at the camp, too.

Though Patrick doesn’t expect to be taken with his boss’s daughter, when Meri’s volatile father learns of her pregnancy, Patrick refuses to let harm come to Meri and her unborn child, even if he has to sacrifice his life and that of his brother in order to save her.

Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

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Book Three: Escape with the Prodigal
Book Four: Relying on the Enemy
Book Five: Sheltered by the Doctor
Book Six: Investigation of a Journalist

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4 thoughts on “Escape with the Prodigal

  1. Hello Danielle, I really like your newsletters and your writing.
    I’d love to read some of your books and I will. As I only have a little money I will get one or two (or more) as I can afford so I enjoyed your free short stories very much.
    I did the survey and then didn’t know how to get books with the SURVEY2023.
    Warm regards, Karene

    1. Hi Karene, Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my stories. Thank you for filling out the survey. Coupon codes can be applied in the designated area at checkout. Also, some of my books are available through the library. Thank you, again, for reading my stories!

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