The world of e-books has created strong supporters and staunch resistance, especially among writers. Fiction writers tend to be fiction readers and it seems many of us avid fiction readers agree that no matter the cost to our checkbook, getting to hold a book in our hands is worth it. However, being able to pack up ones library by pressing the power button has its allurement, especially when books are overflowing our bookshelves.

Where does that leave the writer who wants to see her book published?

In today’s world, the more options the better. Books are published in print, electronically, in audio form, in large print, in hardcover, softcover, and mass-market paperback. With so many possibilities, we can pick the type of format that fits our preference and our budget. Authors and publishers know that, so providing as many options as possible lets us get our stories into as many hands as we can and for a writer, getting to see our book being read… it doesn’t get much better!

Why do I say all of this? Because, though delayed due to the holidays, my first novel, The Vanishing Kidnapper, is now an e-book!

As of right now, the e-book version it is only available on Kindle. {EDIT: now also available as a Nook Book} If you don’t have a Kindle {or Nook} device, you can always download the free app onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone. That’s what I do for books that come only as e-books or that I don’t want to buy in print.

If you’ve been putting off buying another in-print book, perhaps The Vanishing Kidnapper e-book option is the one for you. Not only will it not take up space on your bookshelf, it costs less than the print version. Then again, there still isn’t a better feeling than getting to hold a brand new book in one’s hands.

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