Choices. Like Ali Montgomery, I had a choice to make: do I dare step out of my comfort zone? Do I republish one of my short stories? Yes, I dared, but you’ll have to read “Choices Amid the Trees” to see what choices Ali makes.

Ali Montgomery is on vacation in Tennessee. She loves the woodsy setting of her aunt and uncle’s home, but isn’t allowed to explore outside alone. So when Colton – the boy living with her aunt and uncle – sneaks out of the house and invites Ali to tag along, Ali must make the choice whether to stay with her annoying little cousins or take advantage of the opportunity to explore the trees.

“Choices Amid the Trees” originally appeared on as a serialized short story. Over the course of a month, each chapter was released one at a time. It was a memorable experience and a joy to work with fellow writers and friends throughout the process.

As the years have gone by, “Choices Amid the Trees” found itself buried among other projects. I had a choice: leave it sit or bring it back to life. Thanks to today’s crazy world of e-publishing, I could give Ali’s story a second chance.

“Choices Amid the Trees” will be released as a Kindle e-Book on August 2nd. However, you can pre-order it now! It is only available as an e-book at this time. That allows me to offer it for only 99 cents. How do Kindle e-books work? If you have a Kindle, you can search for “Choices Amid the Trees” by Danielle Grandinetti.

If you don’t have a Kindle (I don’t either), never fear, you can use the Kindle app. All you need is a PC, Apple, Android, or i-device. Go to their respective app store and download the Kindle app. You can read “Choices Amid the Trees” right from there. In fact, if you haven’t read The Vanishing Kidnapper, my full-length novel, you can find it on the Kindle store, too.

Life is full of choices. Ali’s summer had some unexpected ones. Perhaps yours will, too!

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