As a writer, it can be easy to lose sight of what we are thankful for amid rejection letters, failed technology, and endless revisions. Today, the people of the United States take a day out of our lives to remember all the things for which we can be thankful (while eating amazing food and watching American football, of course). So, for this post, I came up with a few things for which a writer can be thankful….

For the people around us who encourage us to keep going.

For the ease of access to books, whether through libraries, e-readers, or bookstores.

For the fact that reading is market research and the study of our craft.

For food that energizes us, especially chocolate.

For caffeine. How else do words miraculously make it onto the page?

For the voices in our head that keep talking to us, helping us avoid writer’s block.

For technology that let’s us back up our work instead of retyping it with every draft.

For online submitting tools that help us save on postage.

For a multitude of publishing options that let us decided the best published form for our work.

For words – without them, we would be lost.

For conflict – without it, we wouldn’t have a story to tell.

For road bumps – without which, we wouldn’t be the strong writers we can be.

For holidays like today that remind us to look at what all the good things we have.


Happy Thanksgiving!