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A Strike to the Heart

She’s fiercely independent. He’s determined to protect her.

Wisconsin, 1933–When a routine mission becomes an ambush that kills his team, Craft Agency sniper Miles Wright determines to find the persons responsible and protect the woman he rescued. But the fierce independence that led Lily Moore to leave her family’s dairy business for the solitary life of a dog trainer and the isolation of her farm don’t make that easy. Neither does his unwanted attraction to her. Meanwhile, escalating incidents confirm that she’s far from safe.

Lily fears letting the surprisingly gentle retired marine into her life almost as much as she fears whoever is threatening her. As Wisconsin farmers edge toward another milk strike, one that will surely turn violent, it becomes clear that the plot against Lily may be part of a much larger conspiracy. When the search for her abductor leads close to home, she must decide whether to trust her family or the man who saved her life.

Author Bio

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Short Bio

Danielle Grandinetti is a book blogger at DaniellesWritingSpot.com. Her short stories have appeared in several publications and her writing has won the University of Northwestern Distinguished Faith in Writing Award. A Chicagoland native, she lives along Lake Michigan’s Wisconsin shoreline with her husband and their two young sons. Danielle especially loves quiet mornings served with the perfect cup of tea.

Long Bio

After nearly two decades in education, Danielle Grandinetti is now a book blogger at DaniellesWritingSpot.com where she has been reviewing books since 2016. A Chicagoland native, she lives along the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Michigan with her husband, their two young sons, and Labrador puppy. Minutes from fields of corn and farms of dairy cows, rolling hills and so many trees, it’s one of the most picturesque places she’s called home.

Her educational background includes an M.A. in Communication and Culture from Trinity International University, a B.A. in Communication from Louisiana Baptist University, and an A.A. in Biblical Studies from New Tribes Bible Institute, as well the Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman Level certifications from the Christian Writers Guild. She has taught college courses on intercultural communication and group dynamics at Trinity International University and worked for twelve years as a virtual middle school writing coach.

Danielle’s short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, most recently in Spark Flash Fiction magazine, Spring 2021, Romantic Suspense edition. and Z Publishing’s America’s Emerging Writers series. Two of Danielle’s articles on writing appeared in The Christian Writer’s Market Guide, 2014 edition. And her middle grade novel, The Vanishing Kidnapper, an historical western, released in 2015. Her writing has won the University of Northwestern Distinguished Faith in Writing Award

With a family heritage of dairy farmers and immigrants, she grew up on stories told to her by her grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles of living on a farm, being an Italian in Chicago, and surviving wars and the Great Depression. It’s why she writes of finding home in hard times.

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