Sheltered by the Doctor

Two wounded souls. One counterfeit romance. Or is it?

A fake relationship might keep her safe, but will it break their hearts?

Wisconsin, 1931—Mindy Zahn can’t understand why her parents deserted the family farm, leaving her mute younger sister in her care. Until her mother’s cryptic warning to keep her sister safe becomes a life-threatening task.

Searching for that elusive something to ease his weary heart, Dr. Nick Matrone is drawn to the cheery Mindy. He would never presume to bring such a sweet woman into his beleaguered past, so friendship is all he can offer. Except, he doesn’t expect needing to save her life.

As the danger grows, they both must battle through physical and emotional wounds to have a hope of their counterfeit relationship becoming true.

Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

Read the whole series!
Book One: Confessions to a Stranger
Book Two: Refuge for the Archaeologist
Book Three: Escape with the Prodigal
Book Four: Relying on the Enemy
Book Five: Sheltered by the Doctor
Book Six: Investigation of a Journalist

What Readers are Saying

"The characters come alive on the pages and vivid descriptions of the setting make me want to go for a real visit. I think other readers will discover the same."
"The romance! Such swoony and protective moments in this clean, fake relationship romance."
"I’ve really enjoyed this series. I feel like the characters have become my friends."
"I am a sucker for a fake relationship troupe, especially when it includes two amazing characters that truly deserve one another, and the fact that it happened in Crow’s Nest made it all the sweeter."
"I always love coming back to Crow’s Nest! I have truly come to feel like this world is apart of my literary family."

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