Thoughts on Proverbs 4

For my class on Interpersonal Communication, we are studying the book of Proverbs. While reading Proverbs 4 today, I specifically noted that Solomon uses strong, active verbs throughout his whole conversation with his son. He is pleading with his son to hear, to be attentive, to not forsake his teaching because he gives good precepts. Read More

Review of The American Patriot’s Almanac

Do you like history? In William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb’s book The American Patriot’s Almanac, history fills the entire year. On each page you will find a new “on this day in history.” Read More

Ode to Winter

Winter, why dost thou act like a spoilt child
When Spring peeks in her head so wild?
You must give Spring her turn;
When will you ever learn?

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Totally Worth It

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Christian Writers Guild’s Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a time of refreshment, connecting, and learning. It was my first writers conference, but I didn’t feel like a rookie. I thank my time as a Craftsman for that.

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Inauguration Day

Today is Inauguration Day. Eight years ago I recall watching President Bill Clinton hand the presidency to President George W. Bush, a display of the peaceful transfer of authority which marks our nation. I don’t remember which newscaster said it, but this concept has stayed with me these eight years.

Again today, this demonstration was played out before the well over a million people in the Mall and those of us watching from our TV or computer screens.

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Last night I was with my family at the dinner table when my dad commented that the following day it would be 37 years since his father passed away. So, 37 years ago today. Yesterday, a note also reminded me that my mom’s dad passed away 7 years ago that day. Yes, I lost both grandfathers, though 30 years apart, on Jan 5 & 6.

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Just the other day, I was thinking to myself how stressed I was feeling. If only it would snow, I’d feel better. And so, to all those Chicagoians, I guess I’ll take credit for asking for the snow that now covers the ground.

This past week, God reminded me that I had placed that request. It was His way of telling me, “Hey, I’m still here, still listening, still caring. Even if you think I’m not.” And yes, I was thinking just that. Read More