Showdown on Main Street

Proverbs 18.6 (ESV): “A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.”

Rope in hand, Sheriff Longhorn strode to the middle of the road. The sun, not the advancing criminal, made sweat pour down his back. The wind kicked dirt into his face, making him sneeze.

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Consider a Word

In Proverbs 16:20-24; 27-28, Solomon is giving examples of how good speech and bad speech affect our lives. We can be a positive thing, like a honeycomb, or a negative thing, like a scorching fire. By our words we can change other people’s lives, though that is an implied message in these verses. Mostly it appears Solomon is encouraging the reader (his son) to be wise about his choice of words, and how he uses them so that his life is blessed.

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A Slice of Heaven

Good friends can be silent together.
So it is with God.
To sit in His presence and listen to the wind in the trees.
Ah, that is a slice of Heaven.

– D.G. 5/1/10
Written while sitting in a Wisconsin forest preserve.

New Short Story

Remember in olden days when magazines published fiction in installments? Each issue, the story would end right when you didn’t want it to, but it kept bringing you back for more. Someplace Else (brought to you by the Disciple’s Post) is just like that. Every month, a new story is posted, and each Monday after, the rest of the story unfolds.

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Emotions and Writing

What part does an author’s emotions play in her writing? I have heard well-published authors explain that if an author feels sad, the reader will feel it more, if the author is scared, so it is with the reader, and so on. If that is the case, then if an author wants to produce fiction that deeply resonates with her readership (and thus create a well-sold book), the author must tap her own emotional resources.

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Wisdom and Insight

“Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and call insight your intimate friend.’ ” Prov. 7. 4.

In thinking about the levels of relationship, sister and intimate friend are two of the closest relationships we can have. A sister can know her sibling(s) better than anyone else. Secrets, joys, personality, all that encompasses a person, that person’s sister knows it all. The good and the bad. So it is with Wisdom. Is it that Wisdom is our sister, or are we Wisdom’s sister/brother? That’s an interesting question. Because, siblings know each other, so technically it would be both. So… we need to know wisdom as if she were a sister. Which means, we know wisdom really, really, really well. Like best friend well.

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In the Chicagoland area the past few days, the clouds have been magnificent. It seems I look out my window, or go for a walk, and find myself staring at them, marveling. They have had such depth, such character, like a perfect landscape painted across the sky. And their colors have been varied and absolutely beautiful.

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Thoughts on Proverbs 4

For my class on Interpersonal Communication, we are studying the book of Proverbs. While reading Proverbs 4 today, I specifically noted that Solomon uses strong, active verbs throughout his whole conversation with his son. He is pleading with his son to hear, to be attentive, to not forsake his teaching because he gives good precepts. Read More

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