Reading Wednesday | The Bridge to Belle Island

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I’ve heard great things about Julie Klassen’s books, so when the opportunity came to read her latest release, I looked forward to giving it a try. The Bridge to Belle Island is a historical mystery set in 1819 England. It reminded me a lot of the cozy mysteries I love to read, but with a more contained romance, so I enjoyed it even more and will definitely be reading other Klassen books.

Reading Wednesday | City of Secrets

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What is justice and can it only be accomplished through the rule of law? City of Secrets, the second book of Victoria Thompson’s newest historical fiction series, A Counterfeit Lady, explores this concept when a widow discovers she’s unexpectedly penniless.

Reading Wednesday | The Number of Love

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The Number of Love is the first book in Roseanna M. White’s newest series, The Codebreakers. It follows Margot De Wilde, a young mathematician who works for England’s secretive Room 40 during World War I, and Drake Elton, a British spy who falls in love with her. With an enemy closing in, they must work together to stay alive.

Reading Wednesday | Italian Iced

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Italian Iced is the gripping conclusion to Kylie Logan’s Ethnic Eats cozy mystery series. Laurel Inwood must face her past when her ex-boss is found dead in her restaurant’s freezer and make a decision on her future when her boyfriend asks her to marry him.

Reading Wednesday | Bad Housekeeping

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I enjoy discovering authors I have not yet read. Each writer has a different style, different tone, different sense of humor. My introduction to Maia Chance was Bad Housekeeping, first in her new series, Agnes and Effie Mysteries. It is an entertaining story of a great-aunt and her niece.

Reading Wednesday | French Fried

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French Fried is the second installment of the Ethnic Eats series by Kylie Logan. The Terminal at the Tracks is celebrating French cuisine with help from the best friend of Laural Inwood’s Aunt Sophie. But Raquel “Rocky” Arnaud is acting strange. Sophie notices. Laural notices. And the handsome Declan Fury notices. But no one knows why her behavior has changed.

Reading Wednesday | Dying in the Wool

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Do you like traditional mysteries? Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody is very much written in traditional mystery style. A historical mystery, it follows young widow Kate Shakelton as she attempts to discover the whereabouts of her friend’s long-lost father.

Reading Wednesday | Mayhem on the Orient Express

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Mayhem on the Orient Express, by Kylie Logan, is one of the best cozy mysteries I have read in a while. The story begins with Bea Cartwright having recently moved to South Bass Island in Lake Erie to begin a Bed and Breakfast. However, her neighbor’s cat keeps using her flowers as a litter box.

Reading Wednesday |Cloche and Dagger

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Whenever a get a new book in a series I enjoy, I like to reread all the previous books before starting the new one. That means I end up reading the first book in a series multiple times. Cloche and Dagger, first book in Jenn McKinlay’s Hat Shop Mystery series, is one of my favorites.

Reading Wednesday |The Curse of Misty Wayfair

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The Curse of Misty Wayfair, by Jaime Jo Wright, is a gripping split-timeline, romantic suspense novel about identity and family heritage. It follows two young women as they both grapple with the Legend, and ghost, of Misty Wayfair.