Fresh Starts and Old Homes

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Yesterday, as I waited in my car, I found myself considering the difference between indoor plants and outdoor plants. That’s probably because I had a relative bush sitting in my passenger seat attempting to crowd my elbow space. You see, my husband and I moved this week, only a few blocks from our old place, but it still meant packing up everything, including the plants.

The Vanishing Kidnapper – now an e-book!

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The world of e-books has created strong supporters and staunch resistance, especially among writers. Fiction writers tend to be fiction readers and it seems many of us avid fiction readers agree that no matter the cost to our checkbook, getting to hold a book in our hands is worth it. However, being able to pack up ones library by pressing the power button has its allurement, especially when books are overflowing our bookshelves.

Where does that leave the writer who wants to see her book published?

Medicine, Now and Then

Personal Thoughts, The Vanishing Kidnapper, Thoughts on Writing

I enjoy history, which is one reason I wrote a historical mystery novel. But when writing fiction, the author has to dig into the life of her characters. One aspect of that is health.

In the late 1800s, when The Vanishing Kidnapper takes place, what was it like to get sick? Was it a death sentence? In my research and reading, I have come across the term ‘poor constitution.’ What would that mean today?


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Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is a time of light and warmth and family. For some, it is a challenging time of year, whether because of the loss of loved ones or because they are unable to make it home for the holidays. Perhaps this depth of realization of the things that really matter in life is what makes me love this holiday even more.

New Book!

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Publishing my first novel is a great reason to restart my blog. After years of writing, editing, and searching for a publisher, The Vanishing Kidnapper is finally in published form.

Teenagers John and Kaitlyn Rivers have a simple life in their 1870s outpost, running their family’s general store for the surrounding communities and operating the stagecoach stop. But one stormy night, the stage’s visit is anything but ordinary. Kidnappings, attacks, and shady characters change a usually boring existence into a fight for life.

Confronted with their past, John and Kaitlyn begin to unravel a mystery that left them survivors of not one, but two kidnapping attempts. Their questions uncover facts different than the truth they had always believed. Now they have to decide whom to trust – and the lives of those they care about depend on it.

The Vanishing Kidnapper follows John and Kaitlyn’s harrowing adventures in the Wild West and their discovery that people are not always what they appear to be.

Visit here for more information and ordering details.


Personal Thoughts

One of the benefits of being in academia is a wondrous thing called summer break. As a teacher and as a student, these few weeks give me a change to catch my breath and regain my focus. The school year can get busy. There are papers to write, essays to grade, books to read. The further along in the year, the more it feels like I’m holding my breath, just hoping to make it until the last day of classes. Then, almost with an audible crashing sound, the end comes, summer arrives.

Thoughts on Change

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It seems like it has been a long time since I have written a blog post, and in reality, it has been a while. The past several months have been ones of transition and change. Good change but difficult change. I am reminded of something John A. Shedd said, “A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for.” If we always remained in our comfort zone, we would never grow. We would never be stretched to our full potential. God knows what we need and easy lives don’t make the cut.