Sunday Dinner with Danielle Grandinetti

Sunday Dinner

For today’s Sunday Dinner, I invited you! Today we’re going to talk about my upcoming book release: A Father for Her Boys.

Sunday Dinner is a traditional (noon) meal served after church on Sundays. Whole families, including extended family, would gather over a large meal to celebrate a day of rest. Multiple cultures enjoy this Sunday Dinner tradition. In my experience, I know it from both my Midwestern farm family as well as my Italian-American family. Now, I’d like to bring Sunday Dinner virtually to you. So, pull up a chair as we invite various guests to join us each week!

Without further ado, please tell us something interesting readers would enjoy learning about you.

While I’ve sprained my wrist, knee, and ankle multiple times, the closest to a broken bone I’ve ever had was a stress fracture. The boot I had to wear was the inspiration for Sofia’s injury in this story.

Can you tell us about your latest novel?

A family scarred by tragedy…
Will find hope in an unlikely gardener

A summer escape to the quaint little town of River Cove is just what auntie turned mom Sofia Russo—and her troubled, energetic nephews—needs. It’s a chance to heal from grief and her broken foot. But a surprising friendship with compassionate gardener Nathaniel Turner shows Sofia just how much she’s been missing…and how much she stands to lose when summer ends.

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

In what city is your story set and why did you choose to set your story there?

A Father for Her Boys is set in River Cove, a fictional small town in south central Wisconsin. So far, most of my stories have been set in this beautiful state and I’m excited to add my first contemporary romance to the list.

Have you lived in or visited there?

I’ve lived in Wisconsin for almost a decade now, plus two years of college a while before I moved here permanently. I’ve also visited all over the state.

What inspired this story?

The seed of an idea began when I discovered a Wisconsin landscaping book in a used bookstore. I knew at that moment that I had to write a main character who worked in that field.

What does a day in the life of one of your characters look like?

Since Sofia’s days have been upended before this story begins, I’ll focus on Nathaniel. He rises early and works all day. When the weather cooperates, he splits his time between mowing lawns and landscaping projects. In the winter, he snowplows. And on rainy days, he reluctantly tackles paperwork.

Were resources easy or difficult to find on these topics? Do you have a favorite resource?

The book I found in the used bookstore was a favorite resource. I mentally combined several project ideas to imagine the different aspects Nathaniel built within the Town Circle.

What is one piece of your research that you couldn’t include in the book, but wish readers could know?

I loved including flower references, I just wish I could have included more about the meaning behind flowers. I find it so fascinating.

Do you have another book in the works? What can you tell us about that book?

Most definitely! My next release is part of my Harbored in Crow’s Nest historical romance series. I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon, so be sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you won’t miss it!

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know?

I’m so thrilled to be a Love Inspired author. It’s been a dream come true!

The afternoon is slipping away, so we have to draw the stories to an end. Thank you for joining me today!

If readers would like to purchase a copy of A Father for Her Boys where might they be able to do so?

A Father for Her Boys is a September release with Harlequin’s Love Inspired line. During the month, it can be found wherever those books are sold (such as Walmart). Otherwise, you can find both the print and ebook on Amazon or other retailers.

If readers would like to learn about you or your other books, how might they find you online?

Right here on! You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Over Sunday Dinner next week historical romance author Roseanna M. White will be joining us. See you then!

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