Refuge for the Archaeologist

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Happy Release Day!

Refuge for the Archaeologist is now available!

I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share Cora and Silas’s story with you. I loved crafting a female archaeologist, with her innate curiosity. And I had to include a cowboy in at least one of my stories. Having these two meet in the fictional town of Crow’s Nest brought them to life. I hope you’ll think so, too!

What Readers are Saying

Quotes taken from Goodreads.

“Wow! More than 5 stars is deserved here!”

“I loved this book so much. I love the history/inspiration of this story. I love the mystery! I love the romance.”

“Filled with intrigue, excitement, a great romantic hero, faith and family values, this book checks all the boxes of a well plotted and interesting story.”

“The author has given us another lovely installment of everyday life in the 1930’s in a small town where everyone knows everything about all the others, or at least they think they do.”

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About Refuge for the Archaeologist

Will uncovering the truth set them free
or destroy what they hold most dear?

Wisconsin, 1930—With her health in shambles and her archaeological career on the line, Cora Davis retreats to Crow’s Nest and the home of her great aunt to heal. She doesn’t think much of the missing memories from between the earthquake that caused her dizzy spells and her trip home. Until she begins remembering the danger that sent her fleeing her last dig and the person responsible.

After a decade as a ranch hand, Silas Ward returned to Crow’s Nest to provide for the women in his life. That same protective instinct propels him to Cora’s aid. But when finances dwindle, the lies and greed of others threaten to ruin his family. Unless Silas can walk the thin line of compromise. A choice that might cost him Cora’s affection.

As winter’s chill threatens, will Crow’s Nest prove a refuge, or will both Cora and Silas have no choice but to sacrifice their chance at happiness to save those they love?


Welcome to Crow’s Nest, where danger and romance meet at the water’s edge.

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Refuge for the Archaeologist?

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