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Welcome to First Line Friday!
Today I’m featuring

Rocky Mountain Rendezvous by Misty M. Beller.

About the Book

In 1837, Juniper Collins and her sisters are shocked by their father’s final request in his will for a special set of beads to be returned to a Piegan Blackfoot woman he credits with saving his life during his travels west. Together, the sisters set out for the trapper rendezvous to find the woman, but their mission turns more daunting when they come upon the mass of men and lodges spread out in the Green River Valley.

Riley Turner came west to find peace and quiet and live off the land, but when four unprotected women arrive at the rendezvous, he feels compelled to help them and is more fascinated by Juniper than any other woman he’s known.

As their search brings only empty leads and dead ends, the sisters must decide whether to return east or stay in the mountains to continue looking–and that’s if the mystery woman is even still alive. Is the risk to honor their father’s last request worth the danger they find at every turn?

Discover the majesty–and treachery–of the Rocky Mountains in this unique combination of exhilarating adventure, inspiring faith, and sweet romance from USA Today bestselling author Misty M. Beller.

From Goodreads

The First Line is …

July 1837, Green River Valley (Future Wyoming)
Ants. The men looked like an army of ants crawling around in the valley below.

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  1. Happy Friday!
    I’m just starting When the Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer.
    “For as long as I could remember, my mama had told me that my life was a gift.”
    Have a wonderful weekend! 😀❤️📚

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