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In This Moment by Gabrielle Meyer.

About the Book

Maggie inherited a gift from her time-crossing parents that allows her to live three separate lives in 1861, 1941, and 2001. Each night she goes to sleep in one time period and wakes up in another. Until, that is, she turns twenty-one, when she will have to forfeit two of those lives–and everyone she knows in them–forever.

In 1861, Maggie is the daughter of an influential senator at the outbreak of the Civil War, navigating a capital full of Southern spies and wounded soldiers. In 1941, she is a Navy nurse, grappling with her knowledge of the future when she’s asked to join a hospital ship being sent to Pearl Harbor. And in 2001, she’s a brilliant young medical student, fulfilling her dream of becoming a surgeon, yet unable to use her modern skills in her other paths.

While Maggie has sworn off romance until she makes her final choice, an intriguing man tugs at her heart in each era. The mysterious British gentleman. The prickly, demanding doctor. The charming young congressman. She’s drawn to each man in different ways, only complicating the impossible decision she must make, which looms ever closer.

With so much on the line, how can Maggie choose just one life to keep and the rest to lose?

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Danielle’s Review

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In This Moment by Gabrielle Meyer is the second book in the Timeless series.

Because of her parents, Maggie lives in three different historical times, not just two. Still, when she turns twenty-one, she must choose only one in which to stay for the rest of her life. In this story, Maggie is facing the beginning of the Civil War, WWII, and 9-11.

I was captivated by this story! Not only did each timeline had reasons for Maggie to stay, the author brought each to life in a unique way that separated the three different time periods. And the tragedies happened at those points in history…. I’ll never forget September 11, and knowing it was coming in the story, and that Maggie did not tugged on my heart even more.

If you love history and romance, then give this story a read. You don’t have to read the previous story in the series to appreciate this one. And with the epilogue in this book, I cannot wait to read book three!

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