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Welcome to First Line Friday!
Today I’m featuring

Edge of Steele by Susan Sleeman.

About the Book

With enemies surrounding her…

Ryleigh Steele gives in to mounting pressure from her siblings and cousins and leaves her job as a law enforcement officer to join the Steele Guardians. She’s just getting her feet wet when a lumber company begins receiving threats, and the owner contracts with Ryleigh for the Steele Guardians to protect their workers. But the threats quickly escalate under her watch, and a bomb is detonated at one of the sites, killing one of the workers.

Can she find the killer and save her company’s reputation and her life?

Ryleigh takes the man’s death personally and commits to finding the killer. Trouble is, the owner has hired a security manager without Ryleigh’s knowledge, and the manager isn’t about to let anyone cut him out of this investigation. Ryleigh gets ready to do battle with him, but when she meets the handsome head of security, former Navy SEAL Finn Durham, she can barely find the words to speak much less fight. She and Finn had once dated, a tumultuous month, that ended badly. Doesn’t matter. She can’t let their past or her residual feelings for him distract her in the hunt for the killer. If she’s not careful, the killer will find her first.

From Goodreads

The First Line is …

Ryleigh’s future was going up in smoke.

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Now it’s your turn.
Pull out the book beside you and leave a comment with the first line.

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9 thoughts on “First Line Friday | Edge of Steele

  1. My first line this week is from When Tomorrow Comes by Hannah Linder
    London’s East End March 1801

    Impulse made Heath Duncan’s hands slick, made his young muscles tighten with the urge to sprint away.

  2. Happy Friday!
    I’m currently reading A Novel Proposal by Denise Hunter.
    “Every ounce of Sadie’s travel fatigue fled at one sight of her summer digs.”
    I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂❤️📚

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