Malicious Intent

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Malicious Intent by Lynn H. Blackburn.

Dr. Ivy Collins, founder and CEO of Hedera, Inc., is ready to begin clinical trials of her company’s cutting-edge prosthetic. Her work has been heralded by government, medical, and advocacy groups and everyone hopes the device will be a success. Well, almost everyone. Someone is trying to sabotage Hedera and the launch, but to what purpose–and how far will they go to get what they want?

Meanwhile, U.S. Secret Service Agent Gil Dixon can’t believe he’s finally been reunited with Ivy, his childhood best friend. Now that he’s found her again, Gil intends to spend the rest of his life with her. But it will take all his skill to uncover the truth in time to save Ivy’s life’s work, her own life, and the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

Perfectly balancing chilling suspense and uplifting romance, award-winning author Lynn H. Blackburn delivers a story of revenge, greed, and overcoming that you won’t want to put down no matter how late it gets.

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First Line

[Graphic Text]: The stack of cash on his desk was as close to genuine currency as squeeze cheese was to Brie.

My Review

Malicious Intent by Lynn H. Blackburn is the second book in her Defend and Protect romantic suspense series.

We meet both Gill and Dr Ivy in the previous book, Unknown Threat. I enjoyed getting a chance to read Gil’s story. After his dramatic injury in the previous book, I loved that he gets a happily ever after. If they live through this current threat.

The danger Gil and Ivy face as they attempt to uncover the mystery is intense and constant. I love that the whole team works together to solve this, including the couple from the previous book. It also made me highly anticipate book three!

One trigger warning note – with the way the story begins, Ivy experiences trauma related aftereffects. How Gil helps her through and cares for her makes Gil one of my favorite characters. I love how he loves Ivy.

If you love romantic suspense, then definitely grab a copy of Malicious Intent. You don’t have to read the books in order, but it does add depth to this one to see Gil and company’s recent past.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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8 thoughts on “Malicious Intent

  1. Loved Malicious Intent!
    Now YOUR BOOK Danielle!
    My first line is from A Strike To The Heart by Danielle Grandinetti :
    Friday, November 13, 1933. Northern, Wisconsin

    Miles Wright pressed his eye to the A5 telescopic sight attached to his Springfield long-range rifle.

  2. That’s a great first line!

    Happy Friday!
    I’m very near the end of Love on Ice by Carolyn Miller, so I will share a line from there. No worries … no spoilers! LOL!
    “Holly yawned. Three hours’ sleep wasn’t nearly enough but was all she’d been able to manage before the interviews had started again super early this morning.”
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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