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Welcome to First Line Friday!

Today I’m featuring

Night Moves by Susan Sleeman.

If you’re in his sights…

County social worker, Natalie Dunn discovers a horrible secret about the father of her juvenile clients. The man not only killed one woman, but Natalie suspects he’s killed several others. She plans to go to the authorities, but before she can, the killer turns his sights on her. Fearing for the lives of this man’s children, she removes them from their home and calls in former U.S. Marshal, Drake Byrd of Nighthawk Security to protect her and the children and help her prove their father is a ruthless killer

You’re as good as dead.

As they investigate, Drake learns the father is a former elite sniper and assassin, and he has done a professional job of hiding any evidence of his wrong doing. Drake vows to protect Natalie and the three children—all of whom he has come to care for—putting everything on the line for them. When bullets start flying, can he save them all from a certain death?

From Goodreads

Now it’s your turn. Pull out the book beside you and tell us the first line.

6 thoughts on “First Line Friday | Night Moves

  1. Happy Friday!
    I’m currently reading #Moonstruck by Sarah Wilson so I’ll share a line from there:
    “Instead of letting myself sit there and wallow, I drove to the grocery store and loaded up on enough junk food to feed my entire family.”
    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading! 😀❤📚

  2. Ooh! Intriguing! I still have not read anything by her! So many great authors, never enough reading time! Thanks for sharing. My first line is, “Another customer, the tenth this morning, approached the check-out counter.” It’s from Serena’s Song by Livia Verrell.

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