First Line Friday | A Cowboy for Keeps

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Welcome to First Line Friday! Today we’re looking at A Cowboy for Keeps by Jody Hedlund.

Colorado Territory
August 1862

“Stop or we’ll shoot!”

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13 thoughts on “First Line Friday | A Cowboy for Keeps

  1. That was a great start to Jody’s new series!

    My first line comes from Dreams of Savannah by Roseanna White:
    Savannah, Georgia May 1861
    Cordeliia Owens had dreamed of this day a hundred times. This moment. This story just waiting to happen

  2. Happy Friday! My first Line is from “Crazy for You” by Susan May Warren and Michelle Sass Aleckson:

    “Anything had to be better than returning to Deep Haven. Enemy fire. Jumping into hostile territory.”

  3. The Vanishing at Loxby Manor by Abigail Wilson

    “I knew there was something terribly wrong the moment I stepped foot back inside Loxby Manor – the pervasive restlessness of the servants, the strained silence of the front room”

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