First Line Friday | The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

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Welcome to First Line Friday! Today we’re looking at The Haunting of Bonaventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright.

Bluff River, Wisconsin
August 1928

Life was not unlike the wisp of fog that curled around the base of a grave marker, softly caressing the marble before dissolving into the violet shadows of the night.

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14 thoughts on “First Line Friday | The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

  1. Actually, that will be my next book after Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna White. I’m a bit behind because we moved and books are slow getting to me.
    But I expect great things from Pepper!

  2. Loved , loved, loved Bonaventure Circus!

    My first line is from Chapter 6 of THE RED RIBBON by Pepper Basham:
    “What a horrible way to end a mighty fine kiss”

  3. Today on my blog I’m sharing the first line from The Farm Stand by Amy Clipston: “Salina Petersheim huffed as she pulled two wagons piled high with boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables across the parking lot at the Bird-in-Hand marketplace.” I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Happy Friday! 🙂
    I’m currently reading A Haven for Her Heart by Susan Anne Mason. It’s an excellent story! I’m just beginning chapter 21, so I’ll share from there.
    “I’m taking Sofia out for a while,” Darius said to his mother as they finished up the dishes.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂❤📚

  5. Jaime Jo Wright always has such good, descriptive first lines!
    Happy Friday! My first line is from “Without Proof” by Janet Sketchley:

    “The doorbell echoed from the main floor.”

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