Book Review | Almost a Bride

Aug 26, 2020 | Books Review, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Writing Spot

Almost a Bride is the fourth book and final book in Jody Hedlund‘s Bride Ships series. Kate Millington arrives in Cariboo, British Columbia intending to get married. Only, she can’t go through with it. Fortunately, her brother’s childhood best friend appears as a buffer between her and her angry now-ex-fiance. But Zeke Hart can’t recall how he knows Kate. He only sees a beautiful woman in distress and must step in to help her.

Mining country in the 1860s is a dangerous place. With so few women among so many men, a lone single woman is a fought-over commodity and even the old and married gape at one. Kate’s winning personality only adds to her appeal. As a successful gold miner, Zeke has the resources to help Kate, if she will let him. But putting oneself between an ex-fiance and a pretty lady is dangerous. So is being around a mine.

With danger, questions, and mystery, Almost a Bride keeps a reader guessing at the identity of the person or persons behind all the trouble and whether that person will ever stop targeting Zeke until the very end. But the end could come at the cost of lives. Kate and Zeke’s particularly.

I thoroughly enjoyed Almost a Bride. Kate and Zeke were such likable characters, I really wanted them to succeed and get their happily ever after. The danger also kept the story moving and there were several moments where I truly wondered how they were going to survive. The interspersed humor, especially thanks to Mr. Peabody, rounded out the story beautifully.

The Bride Ships series was my first introduction to Jody Hedlund’s books (read my reviews here) and now I’m a huge fan. She crafts such emotionally poignant stories mixed with life and adventure that they refuse to let a reader put them down. Almost a Bride is a wonderful conclusion to a great series.

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