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Cold Pursuit, by Susan Sleeman, is book six of her Cold Harbor romantic suspense series. Alex Hamilton, a team member of Blackwell Tactical, is undercover at a mountain ski resort. He and his partner are there to gather evidence against a potential drug and arms smuggler. But when Alex is distracted by a woman in need, their assignment get a whole lot more complicated.

Whitney is on the run from her brother-in-law who has escaped jail and threatened her life. He wants his two children, who she has legal custody of and has spirited away to small resort in the mountains. Taking a job as a waitress, she uses an assumed last name and keeps her head down. Until a man is murdered right next to her. Was she the target? Or was he? With her escape cut off by an avalanche, her only protection is the man who suspects her of murder.

Close proximity stories are fun, especially in suspense, because a character is trapped with both the person he/she likes, but also the killer. Danger lurks around every corner and if they don’t figure out the answer in time, they won’t survive. That’s very much the case in Cold Pursuit. Not even law enforcement or Alex’s team can make it through the blizzard to help them.

Resources are also limited. How is Alex supposed to keep Whitney and the kids safe when he’s supposed to find a killer – who might or might not also be after Whitney? But Alex desires to do both because he’s a man of honor and because he understands what the kids are going through. Oh, and because of Whitney, of course. But whether he lets himself believe that or not is another part of the story.

I enjoyed Cold Pursuit for all these reasons. Plus, Alex and Whitney made me root for them. They have have broken hearts and a mess to deal with. Real trouble in the way of what they might feel for one another. I especially liked how Alex interacted with Whitney’s niece and nephew.

If you’re a fan of close proximity romance or closed room mysteries, then definitely put Cold Pursuit on your reading list. It’ll tug on your heartstrings, too.

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