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A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden is book two in her Hope and Glory series. We met Caroline Delacroix in the first book, The Spice King, when her brother came under suspicion of being a traitor. Now, with another brother in a Cuban prison, Caroline is desperate to hang on to her job as the First Lady’s secretary in hopes of securing a presidential pardon for him.

Nathaniel Trask likes working for the secret service. In the counterfeit division. But when he’s asked to create a security plan for the President’s protection, he tries, unsuccessfully, to decline. He’s the best at his job, a master at spotting the counterfeit, and the perfect person to head the President’s security detail.

President McKinley’s time in office was a crux in the expectations and responsibilities required of the secret service. He served before the secret service had the protocols we are familiar with today. For example, there was no budget to offer protection to his family, including his wife. In this book, Nathaniel aimed to change that.

However, as Nathaniel’s strict ways come in direct opposition to Caroline’s purposes, the sparks fly. And not just the angry kind. “Listening” to these two fight was one of the most entertaining parts of the book! Especially later in the book. On a train. I won’t spoil it because it’s just so perfect it made me gasp out loud. Best scene in the book!

In The Spice King, I wasn’t fond of Caroline, so I was curious about how she would appear in this book. Seeing her struggles and hearing her thoughts definitely changed my opinion of her. Plus Nathaniel was the perfect balance to her rebellious ways.

I highly recommend reading The Gilded Lady. It stands alone just fine, but to get the full depth of Caroline’s motivations, you’ll want to read The Spice King first. And, now I’m even more excited for book three: The Prince of Spies, releasing in 2021. I can’t wait!

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