Book Review | Dead Even

Jun 6, 2020 | Books Review, Romantic Suspense, Writing Spot

Dead Even is the sixth and final book in Susan Sleeman’s Truth Seeker series. Maya Glass is the founder and managing partner of the Veritas Center, a place that helps find the truth when it’s hardest to see. She’s watched each of her partners find the love of their lives. But the man who fit that bill for her? They broke up years ago. And while she’s suffered through working with him before, when she finds a dead body and suspects she’s been exposed to the deadly botulinum toxin, FBI Special Agent Hunter Lane is the only person she thinks to call.

Hunter Lane still loves Dr. Maya Glass, the toxicology/controlled substances expert at the Veritas Center. Her potential exposure to a toxin and the dead body, are matters for the CDC and local law enforcement. Not an FBI agent in the cyber crimes division. But hearing Maya’s plea for help, he immediately gets himself assigned the case.

They quickly discover that the toxin and the dead body are only the beginning. Words like terrorist are becoming real possibilities. And they can’t stop a potential attack if they can’t find the one person who can turn the botulinum into an air-born bio-weapon.

Enter ICE agent Clay Byrd. Brother to one of the partners at the Veritas Center. He and his brothers have made appearances in a couple other Truth Seeker books and have staring rolls in the next series: NightHawk Security. Getting a sneak peak into the interactions of the Byrd Brothers was my favorite part of Dead Even and now I especially can’t wait for their series to release!

Overall, I’m sad to say Dead Even wasn’t my favorite of the Truth Seeker series, but not because it was a bad book at all! I loved Hunter and the plot kept me guessing. My trouble came with Maya. I just couldn’t connect with her. She was a character I never quite connected with throughout the whole series, which is why I think my reaction is an anomaly. You might enjoy reading about Maya even if she was’t my favorite.

And that’s okay! We don’t always connect with every person we meet and, as I said, I love Susan Sleeman’s writing, which is great because she has several new books releasing soon. First is Minutes to Die in August, then in November comes the first NightHawk Security book, featuring the eldest Byrd Brother. In the meantime, I highly recommend catching up on any of the Cold Harbor and Truth Seeker books you’ve missed. Dead Even was a great cap to a fantastic series!

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