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Do you like traditional mysteries? Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody is very much written in traditional mystery style. A historical mystery, it follows young widow Kate Shakelton as she attempts to discover the whereabouts of her friend’s long-lost father.

Since her husband went MIA and was presumed dead during World War II, Kate had used her talents to track down other missing soldiers. With such a solid success rate, she is offered her first paying gig: find Joshua Braithwaite before his daughter’s wedding.


With the sometimes welcome, sometimes not, help of an ex-cop recommended to her by her father, Kate travels to Bridgestead to begin her sleuthing. Bridgestead is a mill town and the Braithwaite family owns the mill. With such a reputation, Kate tries to understand both the milling world, but also Joshua’s state of mind before he disappeared. Especially since it appeared he tried to commit suicide before escaping from the hospital.

Kate find no shortage of secrets in Bridgestead. But will any of them lead her to what really happened to Joshua? And will she be able to give her friend an answer before the wedding? To find out the answers to these questions, check out Dying in the Wool. An, intricately woven traditional mystery that will keep you sleuthing to the end.

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