The Light of Christmas

Dec 20, 2017 | Christmas, Family, Holidays, Personal Thoughts, Writing Spot

Christmas, that most wonderful time of the year. It can be also be challenging: winter storms muddle travel, parties over-fill our calendar, family can have its own dynamics. Nevertheless, it has always been my favorite holiday.

To me, Christmas has a certain magic. The sparkly lights, snow glistening on the ground, carols on the radio, and the wonder of the season. It comes out in the excitement of giving, the fun of baking, the chaos of people. 2013-12-24_11-01-29_187

There are so many traditions around the world and through the ages that make this holiday stand out from the others. From the light shining on the darkest day to the green that stays during the coldest of nights. Most of all, I love the story behind Christmas. It’s the baby that was born in Bethlehem. Emmanuel, God with us.

God – the word gives the picture of a distant being who dictates the world. But a baby is a helpless creature, adorable, needy, so much the opposite. It’s so amazing to me that God would chose that way.

So whether this is the hardest or best time of the year, it is a day when it seems God is the most accessible, when he seems the most near, and when his love can fill us like a light that shines on the darkest night.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!