Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig – A Book Review

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Conspiracy of Silence, by Ronie Kendig, is suspense fiction about a special forces operative’s attempt to stop the New Black Plague. With his team at his side, Cole ‘Tox’ Russell follows a dizzying web of deception. The deeper he goes in an attempt to find the truth, the more elusive it seems.I enjoyed Conspiracy of Silence. Kendig’s writing was excellent. She keeps to the action, refrains from using too many superfluous words, and trusts her readers to see the picture she paints. She includes good details as well. Sometimes more specific than necessary (I’m not a firearm expert, so the name of weapon means nothing to me). However, her writing style keeps the suspense moving forward.

From the start, I connected with the characters. Tox is a troubled soldier. Prior to the story’s beginning, he is presumed dead, but returns when those he cares about are in danger. He is especially attracted to FBI deception expert, Kasey Cortes. They have a complicated history dating back to childhood. It gives them a connection the rest of the team observes. Kendig also did a pleasing job making each of Tox’s men unique and memorable.

The trouble I had lies with the subject of the plot. The plot structure is sound; Kendig’s writing makes sure of that. However, the plague is a result of something having to do with the Codex, an early Hebrew Bible. Even though I have Bible training and worked at a seminary, I felt lost in understanding what the Codex had to do with the story and how it tied to the Biblical history Kendig was using as the crux of the matter.

Despite my struggle with understanding the actual essence of the story, the well-crafted narrative made me enjoy the ‘howdunit.’ I noted that Kendig also published an e-book novella prequel. Perhaps that story will provide us with more details of the backstory of Tox Russell. I also look forward to another installment of the Tox Files.



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