The Writer’s Advent: Love

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Love. What better topic to cover during this Christmas Season? As writers, we cover the topic of love from many different angles. It’s a desire that drives a character to good or evil. The reason behind a character’s action. Of course, there’s romantic love. So what makes Christmas Love even more special?

I think of Frosty. In the children’s show, it’s said that Christmas Snow is what makes Frosty so special. Perhaps it’s that way with Christmas Love.

Have you ever noticed that people can either be more selfish or more selfless during the holidays? You have the shoppers who must get to the front of the line. Then there are the kids that think only about the toys they must have. Don’t forget about the Grinchs and Scrooges who generally make everyone around them miserable. Great story fodder, but that’s about it.

On the other hand, people seem to be more generous at this time of year. Giving to the bell-ringers from Salvation Army. The pay-it-forward idea where someone pays the toll, the meal, or bill for the person behind them in line. The joy of watching someone we care about light up when they open that perfect gift we spent weeks plotting out.

In those moments, Christmas Love fills our hearts. Why? Perhaps because Christmas Love is sacrificial love. It is selfless love. It is the kind of love that will give up warmth and comfort to give to someone else. Now that type of special love is what makes the hero of a story prevail in the end. And, perhaps, as Linus told Charlie Brown, that is what Christmas is all about.

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