New Year Past

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I’m not one for New Year Resolutions. I find December 31 tends to be a day where I look back on the year gone by. Where was I a year ago? Where have I grown? What have I learned? How has God blessed me?

Each year, whether a lean year or one of plenty, has much to show. Past years have seen graduations, job changes, new places to live. I’ve seen friendships wane, others grow deeper, and new ones begin. Family has changed, too: some loved ones we will no longer see here on earth and others have come to join the family through weddings and births.

Where were you 365 days ago? 293 days ago? 100 days ago? What water has gone by in your life? For me 2015 has been a hallmark year. I married the most wonderful man I could ever have hoped for, seen years of hard work come to fruition in the publishing of my first novel, and now I’m looking at what will hopefully be my last move for quite awhile.

Some years we hold these hopes and dreams close to our hearts, biding our time through painful, dull days, wishing that one day, our dreams will come true. Other years, we watch as our path unfolds before us, as if everthing we touch turns to gold. Perhaps this next year will be that year for you.

And so we say, goodbye, 2015, may all you have brought us this past year make 2016 one of bright hopes, and dreams, and futures. Happy New Year!

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