Wisdom and Insight

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“Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and call insight your intimate friend.’ ” Prov. 7. 4.

In thinking about the levels of relationship, sister and intimate friend are two of the closest relationships we can have. A sister can know her sibling(s) better than anyone else. Secrets, joys, personality, all that encompasses a person, that person’s sister knows it all. The good and the bad. So it is with Wisdom. Is it that Wisdom is our sister, or are we Wisdom’s sister/brother? That’s an interesting question. Because, siblings know each other, so technically it would be both. So… we need to know wisdom as if she were a sister. Which means, we know wisdom really, really, really well. Like best friend well.

We are supposed to call Insight our intimate friend, the person who holds our secrets, who knows us better than we know ourselves, who can read us when no one else can. Whether that intimate friend be our best friend or our significant other, an intimate friend knows things about us that we will probably never share with anyone else. So Insight is supposed to be that close to us, or we are supposed to be that close to Insight. We hold an intimate friend very close to our heart, we care about them, want them to hear our highs and lows, and we want to know about them, too.

So, if Wisdom is our sister and Insight our very best friend, how does this change how we treat them? For me, a sister, a best friend, they are people I go to  first when I need advice, counsel, when I face hard times, and good times. So if I need any feedback, any words of (hehe) wisdom or insight… I should go straight to Wisdom and Insight. They won’t let me down. They care about my good, they have my best in mind. I can trust them ’cause they have my back.

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