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Last month I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Christian Writers Guild’s Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a time of refreshment, connecting, and learning. It was my first writers conference, but I didn’t feel like a rookie. I thank my time as a Craftsman for that.

I am one of ten of students who make up the Craftsman I class. We met for the first time in November at our 5-day residency. So, when we arrived at the conference in February, it felt more like a reunion. Throughout the weekend, my fellow classmates and I encouraged one another, prayed with one another, and hung out together. When something went well for one, we were thrilled. We were there for each other when we needed to talk about how the day had gone. And we were never alone.

Another reason I felt prepared for the conference was because of the Craftsman course material and teachers. At the November residency, the students were asked to give our pitches. According to our mentor, John Perrodin, we improved drastically between that first time and the conference. But that is because of the time John, and other teachers, gave us at the residency, as well as at the conference. The two Craftsman classes that are running right now were given a chance to practice our pitches before we had a real appointment with an editor. That helped me feel ready to present my novel.

The third blessing of being a Craftsman at the Writing for the Soul conference was being able to encourage other writers, and be encouraged by them. I met so many new friends, all of whom were excited for me. In turn, I was able to hear about their writing dreams. To be around so many people who have a similar passion as you is a marvelous experience.

I am so grateful for the time I had at the Writing for the Soul conference. It was fun being part of the Craftsman class, too. I have many fond memories of those few days, deeper friendships with my Craftsman classmates, and many new contacts with other writers, and editors. I am thankful God gave me the chance to attend. It was worth every penny.

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